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Company Profile

S.V Capital, a limited liability Company incorporated in the Rusian Federation and U.A.E, was launched in 2004 by Mr. Delimkhanov, Adam Sultanovich . The Company is licensed by both Goverments as a general trading company.

From inception, the focus of S.V Capital was to meet Fertilizer needs of the International Agricultural community. Customers included; exporters, Commercial Farmers and reseller agents in the International market.

Over the years, S.V Capital Ltd has earned a reputation of competitiveness, reliability and the quality of its products. The consistency in the products offered and the experience and expertise the Company has built up has, understandably, helped attract the International trading community to S.V Capital.

The relationship based on business dealings has led to enhanced dependability for the cleints in dealing with S.V Capital. As a Fertilizer trading and Exporting Company, S.V Capital understands the unique needs of its clients, S.V Capital is able to offer customized solutions for each cleint. Our Head Quaters located in the heart of the Russian Fedration offers easy access and convenience to the cleints .

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